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Nora is actually, at the least, attracted to ladies, though it is actually unfamiliar whether or not she try an effective lesbian or bi/pansexual

Nora is actually, at the least, attracted to ladies, though it is actually unfamiliar whether or not she try an effective lesbian or bi/pansexual

Nora is actually, at the least, attracted to ladies, though it is actually unfamiliar whether or not she try an effective lesbian or bi/pansexual

Efforts and you will efficiency [ ]

This was seen whenever she expressed a destination on Spencer and also flirted with her; Nora also explicitly stated so you can this lady mother, Eye, you to she finds Spencer “cute”. She as well as told you within her record “Oh shrap, was I crushing on her? Yep, totally am. That is why I hope she is so good! Because maybe I shall can hang out together a little while”.

Nora was an excellent bubbly, optimistic , and you will in control young woman exactly who always tries to realize the lady family members’ number 1 laws from protecting the brand new timeline. Nora including is apparently cautious and you will calculating, will yelling within their more youthful aunt, Bart Western-Allen as he brings in love stunts or can make impulsive choices.

Nora enjoys a strong and you can suit connection with each other their dad, Barry Allen and her mommy, Iris West-Allen concise in which she chose to follow on the latter’s footsteps by the getting a reporter. She’s got an especially good relationship with the lady younger cousin, Bart, that have his as well as always getting honest that have your. Nora comes with strong familial ties to every member of the woman longer household members, looking specifically close to Cecile Horton and you can Joe West, as well as close ties to some of professionals and allies regarding Team Flash such as for example Chester P. Runk, Caitlin Snowfall, and you can Jay Garrick, respectively.

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Powers [ ]

“I am Nora Western-Allen and I am the fastest girl alive. Whenever I am out of, 3 decades out-of today, I’m the latest guardian from Central City. I am a speedster; same as dad. Someone call me “XS”. Each day I hope to reside to the fresh new history off The latest Thumb. But We have nevertheless had a long way to visit.” -Nora Western-Allen [src]

  • Rates Force union/Meta-individual structure: Nora possesses an organic link with the speed Push, giving the lady the newest energies from amazing speed. She detailed one she isn’t as powerful or since the able to while the the girl dad, Barry Allen in making use of this type of overall performance, given that she can simply see such out-of Eobard Thawne and you can this new Thumb Art gallery.
  • Expidited data recovery foundation: Given that a speedster, Nora regenerates faster than simply individuals create. Predicated on her, the standard axon rate of growth has reached four millimeters twenty four hours when you look at the a big bravery, however for her, it is more a hundred millimeters.
  • Real vibrations: Like any speedsters, Nora is shake their muscles for different consequences.
  • Intangibility: By vibrating the girl particles during the absolute regularity out of heavens, Nora can also be truly transit strong matter. When you are merely having read so it when she confronted with the lady dad in earlier times, with this lady dad along with her brother, Wally West, she vibrated a whole flat as well as the travelers in order to ensure that it stays of crashing.
  • Invisibility: Nora can also be shake this lady human body rapidly you to she will be able to zero extended become sensed of the human eye.
  • Superhuman agility: Nora provides presented perfect dexterity, balance and you will coordination, she will be able to alter guidance having instantaneous clear transforms in place of dropping otherwise dropping harmony and you will instantaneously prevent run on the spot.
  • Superhuman reflexes: Nora’s impulse big date was enhanced so you’re able to superhuman profile, enabling the lady to respond so you’re able to risk and events much less than just typical people.
  • Superhuman energy: Nora can also be create high amounts of physical force courtesy energizing times, simulating superhuman strength, despite a stationary status. Even absolutely nothing exertions from this make-upwards is also generate considerably regarding force, able to hit a person aside.
  • Aerokinesis: Nora are able to use this lady rate to create air moves to the various accounts and also for certain outcomes. She will would vortexes in order to extinguish fires because of the creating they up to them.

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