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Bartholomew and you will Razor talk about the connections anywhere between worry about-declaration and you will interview tips from connection

step three.Bartholomew Shaver (1998). They point out very important limits out-of early look one to didn’t discover a link between them types of procedures and you can mention regions of overlap and difference between both aspect process. That is a topic that will discovered broadening desire inside the upcoming age.

When you’re a novice within this lookup city, what is actually most crucial about how to see would be the fact self-declaration actions out-of close attachment and also the AAI was indeed initially arranged completely alone as well as slightly more purposes. (One requires regarding a person’s feelings and you can habits on the perspective from intimate and other personal relationships; others is utilized and also make inferences concerning defenses associated having a keen adult’s ongoing state of brain of youthfulness dating that have moms and dads.