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Nevertheless, it had been glove puppetry which was chosen by the representative that is most of puppeteers.

The 1950s witnessed the essential significant theatre puppetry designers in Latin America. In Mexico, the teacher Roberto Lago (1903-1995), co-founder regarding the Teatro Guignol which operated involving the end regarding the 1940s therefore the mid 1950s, created the Grupo El Nahual with Lola Cueto (1897-1978). Lago proved a good impact perhaps not only in their nation but in addition in Venezuela. Irrespective of their research work with the origins of Mexican puppetry, he had been one of many great dramaturges of children’s theater. His paper, Los Angeles Hoja del titiritero independiente (The Independent Puppeteer Newspaper) ended up being a standard and brought numerous Latin US and puppeteers that are worldwide contact. Mexico had been one of several nations that distinguished it self by making use of puppetry for literary promotions when the character of Don Ferruco, produced by Gilberto Ramirez Alvarado, played a role that is vital.

The Argentines Mané Bernardo (1913-1991) and Sarah Bianchi (1922-2010) had been additionally fundamental into the advertising of puppetry arts in Latin America, going to the absolute most remote areas in Argentina as well as other nations. Functions developed by Mané Bernardo are highly respected and examined in universities while her pupil and buddy Sarah Bianchi’s work for this remains a reference for many puppeteers day.