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Fossilized remains of Homo erectus sensu aspetto have been discovered per the landmasses of Africa and Eurasia

Oldowan (Mode 1) tools are basic, essentially “made by smashing two rocks together onesto form per sharp flake”, whereas Acheulian tools (Mode 2) are more complex, being “made by repeatedly chipping away at per rock puro shape it into per hand axe”. 11 The Acheulian handaxes (figure 2) are typically teardrop-shaped. They are thought by evolutionists onesto have first been made by Homo erectus sensu coraggio, and, according puro Stringer and Andrews, “The people who made the handaxes clearly had a specific shape mediante mind, and often went far beyond a purely utilitarian form sopra the care with which they produced them.” 12 Hence, from verso creation point of view, such purposeful manufacture of per tool has the hallmarks of human activity, indicating that Homo erectus individuals were fully human.

Location and setting

They appear esatto be concentrated sopra several regions, including Java (the central island of Indonesia), Pendio, East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Eritrea, Ethiopia), and Georgia (the Dmanisi remains). Remains have also been found per North Africa (Sale 1 cranium from Morocco) and India (Narmada cranium). 13 Homo erectus remains have also been found per Denizli, Turkey; namely the partial Kocaba? skullcap. 14 Some researchers view the Ceprano 1 calvarium as belonging to Homo erectus, which would also place the species sopra Italy. 15 Ronald Clarke has also suggested that the partial cranium SK 847, from Swartkrans, South Africa, should be classified as an early Homo erectus. 16 The two new Homo erectus cranial fossils were from Gona, Afar, Ethiopia, and, according onesto Semaw et al.:

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