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When the patient involved five years dated, their father gave him an effective glove and you may a beneficial bat

. . .if the mother delivered the fresh child so you’re able to an effective girls’ private big date university the daddy did absolutely nothing to cover the person from this choice. The latest man didn’t come with male playmates. The machine is of excellent quality and had most likely been chose properly. If the gift was given into the guy, the father told you, “Anybody can enjoy basketball.” But he understood hardly any other guys with who he could play. (Bieber 1962, p. 101)

I’ve arrived at the conclusion one to a constructive, supportive, warmly related dad precludes the possibility of a homosexual son; the guy will act as an excellent neutralizing protective representative should the mother make seductive or romantic-joining efforts.” (Bieber 1962, p.311)

The males during the Bieber’s analysis got sought for let while they was indeed dissatisfied making use of their lifetime otherwise incapable of means. They are able to afford the cost of studies. Brand new get a hold of characteristics of one’s test greet critics to challenge the fresh new conclusions to the grounds that these results couldn’t be applied to homosexuals.

Their completion: “It would appear that your family figure getting gay patients discussed from the Bieber, mais aussi al

Yet not, numerous research has confirmed the new conclusions away from Bieber. Chang and Cut off (1960) concluded that homosexual people was likely to be compared to controls in order to “disidentify employing fathers.”

Simply to test brand new Bieber findings, Apperson and you will McAdoo compared 23 non-patient homosexuals and you can twenty two people in the us military. Their end: