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Cosmo Survey: nine out of 10 Millennial Females Bring Naked Photographs

In the course of the new hacked nude star photos scandal (Do not browse them right up!), of numerous keeps spoken brand new – terrible, no good, very bad – advice that in the event that you don’t want your own nudes released into community to see, you shouldn’t capture nudes to begin with. These people are desperately of touch.

This week, Modern presented a survey away from 850 members – 99 % girls, that have an average age 21 – regarding taking naked pictures. Eighty-nine % have chosen to take naked photo off on their own at some point. As well as those people clients, merely 14 per cent regretted bringing the photos, and you may 82 % would do they once again. (But then, 91 % of those got never really had those naked photographs leaked so you can a bigger audience.)

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“My date and i also go to additional colleges. We are each other juniors today, and we also have learned a great deal about how to create our very own long distance relationships performs. At first, I found myself afraid to deliver him pictures, however when I did so it and you will know exactly how fun it is, I have not regretted they.